Being Your Best Self

Aim of the workshop

To motivate you to take immediate action to create the life you deserve.

We will provide you with strategies and tools to be the best grown up you can be. 

7 tried and tested ways to create a successful [your definition, that is, not mine or anyone else's] life. 

These include....How to be your own best friend.  Creating a winning team. The science of getting what you want.






Enjoy Life Now

Enjoy Your Life Now -  improve your self-esteem

Is how you are treating yourself helping to make you happy?

This two hour workshop will provide you with some tips and strategies to enable you to be your own best friend, your own champion and your own motivator.

It's time to be on your own side!

You can expect to have fun; to share your thoughts; to get involved and make at least one new friend ....Me.

Q: What will I learn during the workshop?

  • The power of low self-esteem
  • The power of negative beliefs
  • The power of self-abuse

Most importantly yo will learn some techniques and stragies to abolish these from your life.

Q: Will there be any physical exercises?


Mental and emotional ones only.

Q: How much will I be expected to participate?

In a word ....FULLY

The more you put in the more you get out.






Life's One Long Traffic Jam

problem solving made easy.

Know where you want to go but things/situations/people just seem to get in your way?  Facing one obstacle after another - Road block, dead ends, no entry, road closed?

This workshop will put you firmly back in the driving seat.  Using one of most creative Life coaching tools around - Lifeways Coaching Cards designed and developed by Tim Kenning

You will be able to create a road map......

  • to the destination of your choice
  • at the speed you want
  • on the sort of roads you like
  • in whatever vehicle you desire 

Discover the solutions to those issues standing in the way of having the life you deserve.





You Deserve It - Weekend





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