I am the lady in green.  The founder of  'Be Your Best Self'.   Many years ago I started on the journey to discovery who I was.  Many self-help books, self-improvement courses and lots of education later I uncovered the layers I used to protect myself from the world and found Juliette.    

Who is Juliette.....described by others as warm, open, funny, energtic, sensitive, charming, intelligent, wise, focused, generous and 'all round good egg'.   I am most proud of my 28 year marriage and our beautiful, intelligent daughter.  I have a passion for learning both for myself and for others.  I have nearly 15 years experience within the Learning & Development arena and am a trained Life Coach and NLP Practitioner. 

What is special about me....like you am unique.  My success is soley based on the success of the people I work with.  I have high expectations of myself and all my clients.  I am 110% committed to making your experience with my company the best you can have. 

I wish you the life you deserve and I hope we have the opportunity to meet you very soon.

Warmest Regards